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Your Leading Landscaping Service

It’s no secret that the southwest has a rich and diverse landscape that brims with life, color, and beauty. When you’re ready to transform your property into a southwestern paradise, look no further than Prestige Landscaping.

Our services team is here to help you develop your landscaping concept and implement your overall design, making your dreams a reality. Using our expert knowledge and experience, we can execute your vision for an amazing yard. If you’re overwhelmed by all the possibilities or just need some ideas, we’ll help guide you with affordable options and innovative ideas. We can come up with a concept for your landscape, design the blueprint, and ensure the work is done right.

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A beautiful, well-landscaped, and manicured yard will not only be enjoyable to you and your loved ones but will drastically increase the value of your property. At Prestige Landscaping, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces that are water efficient, well-maintained, and beautiful to behold.

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There’s an endless supply of inspirations for beautiful walkways, pathways, patios, and driveways and a multitude of stunning stones, bricks, and concrete that will make your property the envy of the neighborhood. We carry a wide range of unique stones and vibrant foliage that will give your property an amazing look and feel.

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Water Features

Our water features can create a paradise within your garden. Enjoy the soft trickling sound of water in a personalized outdoor sanctuary that encapsulates everything you love about Arizona. Let us help you visualize the perfect water feature for your property that will add beauty to your home.

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Outdoor Lighting

We offer a wide range of lighting styles to choose from, and our installation team will ensure they’re in place perfectly and functioning correctly. We’ve served countless residents since 2009, and we’ll strive to ensure you’re more than satisfied with our work. Give your property the facelift it needs and a look you’ll love.

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Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Fireplaces and fire pits are more than just beautiful features for any outdoor space; they are vehicles for bringing people together. Sitting around an open fire with family and friends is peaceful, relaxing, and fun! Prestige Landscaping can help you set the tone for warmth and comfort with a wide range of signature fire pit and outdoor fireplace options that are stylish, durable, and affordable.

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We also offer irrigation and drainage systems for your property that will ensure your yard stays refreshed, green, and vibrant. Our water-efficient drainage systems can save you the time and hassle of watering your yard manually and countless dollars on your monthly water bill.

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Landscaping Is Living Space That Just Happens to Be Outdoors!