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With temperatures in Phoenix ranging from 66°F to 104°F and an average of three days of rain per month, you may be tempted to think that your grade, backyard, and lawn has to be bland and simple but that’s not true! Phoenix’s hot and dry atmosphere lends itself to a wide variety of hearty, drought-resistant plants, trees, and shrubs that can be used to add beauty to any yard. With a little care and attention, you can have a colourful outdoor space that includes:

  • Red Spike Ice Plant (Cephalophyllum): With its stunning pinkish red flowers whose petals resemble an upturned cup, and its low need for water, the Red Spike is commonly seen in poolside landscaping applications. This slow-growing plant requires full sun exposure to bloom from winter to early spring, but even though the blooming season is relatively short, the thick, coarse emerald green stems provide great texture and density in mixed-plant gardens.
  • Blue Flax (Linum lewisil): A delicate looking flower that matures to just two feet high, the Blue Flax is an annual that needs partial shade. This is a great option for gardens that sit alongside a building, such as the outdoor wall of an office. Blue Flax can be used to fill in gaps in larger gardens and since they only bloom in the spring and do not survive for more than one season, this plant can easily be switched out of your garden and replaced with another annual (mixing annuals and perennials keeps your garden looking fresh and different each year, while also helping to manage costs).
  • Yellow Bells (Bignoniaceae/Tecoma stand): This popular perennial also goes by the names Yellow Elder and Trumpet Bush – and few plants are easier to grow. It will grow in a container, it will grow in a garden and if you wish, it can grow into a tree. Left to its own devices, the Yellow Bell plant will soar up to 12 feet. Yellow Bells thrive in all sorts of soil conditions and are very drought resistant. The flowers bloom from spring to late fall and attract bees and hummingbirds.
  • Trailing Gazania (Gazania rigens): Gazania is a ground cover plant often used to liven up large swatches of garden space, or add color and life to extended patios and pathways. The daisy-like blooms come in orange, bronze or yellow and the blooms last from late winter to spring. Gazania is best suited for areas of full sunlight and require very little water to thrive. Adequate space planning is required as this trailing plant will grow and spread at a moderate rate one it matures.

These are just some of the many flowers that thrive in Phoenix’s hot climate, and just a few of the blooms that Prestige Landscaping uses to create dream projects to add value and beauty to outdoor spaces. With years of experience in creating stunning landscapes that can include hardscaping, water features, outdoor lighting and more, Prestige has the ability to take any project from concept to completion on time, on budget and with the perfect mix of greenery and flowers.

Contact us today to keep your outdoor space looking beautiful all year round.